Susan’s Feral Cat Rescue in San Diego

What we need is your advise on how to really make sure these little guys live through the next wild fire ( the problem is most of them are feral meaning wild ). They are not caught easily or fast. They are like actual little wild cats. They have to be netted in the house and we have to force them into a corner or something and this takes a lot of time. Just catching 4 of them a couple of years ago for veterinary care took 2 hours. We don’t have time for that during a wild fire event. So we and they have to stay and shelter in place during a wild fire.

This rescue takes in feral cats ( most do not) and injured cats and dogs. We also take in sick animals. We have had other rescues and hospitals surrender animals to us because we can handle feral cats and we would pay for their health care when others wouldn’t or couldn’t. We have 2 cats from a domestic violence situation, 2 that were going to be put to sleep because their owner died, 5 from a terrible situation in the Arizona desert, 1 that was badly mangled in a trap ( she was only 6 weeks old and feral-needed expensive surgery and lost one of her front legs and the other one had to be rebuilt- this was human cruelty) 1 that was badly injured and infected by his eye.

*THE SUSAN CAT PROJECT NEEDS $10,000.00 to make her Cat Rescue safer for her cats and so Susan can sleep better and not worry so much about wild fires hurting her cats. Mighty Fire Breaker uses 2 guys my son Shaun and his buddy Todd to spray a fire break 200’ long by 10' wide in less than half the time.

California Wolf Center

Hi Steve, Hope you are doing well. I saw a story about you and your wildfire inhibitors and would like to talk with you about possibly using them at our 50 acre facility in Julian. We are located about 4 miles south of Julian on the 79 and we have 39 wolves under our care. We are members of the Species Survival Plan for the Mexican gray wolf which is highly endangered. We also have 7 North American gray wolves; these wolves have returned on their own to Northern California where we work with ranchers to develop ways the wolves and livestock can coexist.

California Wolf Center is dedicated to the return of wild wolves to their natural habitat and to the people who share the landscape with them. We foster communities coming together to ensure wolves, livestock and people thrive in today’s world.

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