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Save-Cali Awareness Blog

Save Cali is a non-profit dedicated to help protect helpless domestic animals in wild fire regions
by creating a SAFE ZONE on the properties they live on to give their owners peace of mind.

This blog honors Ben Franklin, the man that coined the phrase,
"An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure". This proactive philosophy and its supporting common sense practices are so relevant today when proactively defending, life, property, homes and businesses from wild fire outbreaks across the rapidly expanding urban wild fire interface.

In the spirit of Ben Franklin's pioneering work in fire prevention and safety, we have been advocating for safer and better practices in the US building industry, and in more recent years, in the wild fire defense industry. I have been beating the fire safety drum for over a decade now, while being involved in wood framed building on both sides, from the supply to the frame for over 40 years. Much like Ben Franklin had two carpenters on his original fire fighting team, I like to surround myself with knowledgable construction leaders who also support the cause of defending affordable housing with renewable sustainable lumber, for the benefit of future generations and who are willing to fight for safer, smarter and simply better proactive practices that will help protect our life, property and security against the threat of wildfire!

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Wild Fire Defense for Domestic Animals

New Applied Science Fire Inhibitor Would Allow Fire Fighters A Second Line Of Defense When The Frontline Is Over Powered. The Sprayed Chemical Fire Break Is In Place

September 8, 2020 by Steve Conboy

Atomizing Cannon Trucks, Not Planes Could Be Spraying Mighty Fire Breaker's Fire Inhibitor Off Roads and Around Homes, as The Fire Fighters Try To Stall The Advance.

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Wild Fire Defense for Domestic Animals

Arthur A San Diego Cat Is Very Happy The Rescue He Lives In Is Embracing New Applied Fire Science To Make It Safer For Him And All His Friends

September 9, 2020 by Steve Conboy

Mighty Fire Breaker is helping a family learn how to defend their home and their 55 rescue cats in San Diego.