Proactive SAVE CALI is a non profit company that is out to help animal rescue facilities in the western wild-land fire regions. Our Mission is to help create Safe Zones on the properties where it is impossible to haul animals to safety when a wild fire shows up.

We are getting calls from cats and wolf rescues in the vulnerable areas of San Diego.

Steve Conboy, a 45 year building expert and award winner in fire resistance makes suggestions after visiting and inspecting these properties. He has proven that he can make wood framed buildings wild fire resistant.

After the first visit we help them become proactive with Mighty Fire Breakerâ„¢ by spraying all the native dry vegetation around these facilities with safe fire inhibitors.

We make suggestions to create fire resistance on the buildings.

Roof and crawl space ember block vents

Roofing that is wind and fire resistant

Garage doors that will resist wild fire and wind.

Windows and doors that support wild fire resistance

Many of these rescues need donations in order to make the buildings animals will be in during a wild fire safe. Proactive Save Cali will be doing a Crowd Fund to help raise money to help these great people remove the threat that keep them awake at night.

For more information contact Steve Conboy

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